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About Terms of Service and Charatoon

Q. What is Charatoon?
It is a collection of royalty-free images.You can use images for commercial use free of charge according to the terms.
Q. What is the image format for downloading?
PNG format images. Cartoon is transparent in the background.
Q. Is there a watermark in the sample like "" or "© DESIGNALIKIE"?
The sample images "" and "© DESIGNALIKIE" are copyright watermarks for copy prevention. It is not included in the download image data.
Q. Is there a fee for large size images?
Yes. Large size will be charged. However, paid sales are currently paused.

[Approximate image size] (Based on S size)

1 times 2 times 4 times 8 times
〜640px 〜1280px 〜2560px 〜5120px

About free image usage

Q. What can I use?
Please use downloaded person as image material of website, advertisement, promotional materials.It is prohibited to give to others.
Q. How many times can I use it?
It is royalty free. There are no restrictions on usage, number of times, and deadline to use.
Q. Can I edit images?
There is no problem even if you edit it freely.
Is the illustration image copyright?
The copyright of Picture is owned by DESIGNALIKIE of Illustoon operator. It gives usage rights.
Q. Do I need copyright notation such as "© dak" for use?
Copyright notation is not necessary. However, regardless of the presence or absence of notation, copyright is owned by DESIGNALIKIE.
Q. Can I resell it?
No. Resale to others is prohibited.

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